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Cape Tours was Established in 1995 and has over 25 years of experience creating the perfect personalized holiday. A testament to our success has been that 90% of our business is derived from repeat clients and or their referrals. Our staff are all South African-born and raised and share a passion for the country. We provide tailor-made Self-Drive and Private Guide South Africa tours with a personal touch that is simply unavailable elsewhere. We also offer add-on escapes to Namibia, Victoria Falls, game viewing in Botswana and Zambia and beach breaks in Mozambique and Mauritius. All our holidays are designed around your objectives and budget to ensure that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

From a tourism point of view, South Africa is a very safe country to visit with no vaccinations required for entry. South Africa has a first world infrastructure, some of the best medical facilities and is Ebola disease free.

Southern Africa remains Ebola-Free

As Ebola continues to dominate headlines around the world. Understandably, there is an on-going call for information that might assist people in making informed decisions when travelling. The Ebola infection has been recorded in the West African countries of Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria, as well as in Spain and the United States. The disease remains largely confined to the small West African countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, with Liberia the hardest hit. In Southern Africa, it’s business as usual.

South Africa has imposed a travel ban on nations worst-hit by Ebola

South Africa has recently imposed a total travel ban for all non-citizens travelling to the country from the worst-hit West African nations to limit the spread of Ebola, unless the travel is considered absolutely essential. This ban continues to be strictly enforced.

All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme.

Visa Requirements

South Africa:

  • Passport must be valid for at least six months after your departure from South Africa. Visitors must ensure that they have sufficient blank VISA pages in the passports, with at least two consecutive / side by side blank pages.
  • Holders of the European Passports do not require a visa prior to entering South Africa for holiday purposes. If you hold a passport of a country outside of the European Union, please contact one of our consultants who will advise accordingly.


  • You must hold a valid passport, valid for a minimum period of six months from date of entry and have at least two blank pages. Zambia does not recognise dual nationality and it is important to be able to produce a passport bearing the exit stamp from the country from which you have travelled.
  • Tourist visas are required when visiting Zambia and these can be obtained at Port of Entry on arrival. Please note that the cost of these visas are in US$ and must be paid in cash (no change provided). As there is often a shortage of US$ in ATM’s at the airport, it is recommended that you bring US$ cash with you.


  • It is vital for visitors to carry a valid passport, valid for a minimum period of six months.
  • Citizens of most European and Commonwealth countries do not require a visa for entry into Botswana.


  • A passport must be valid for at least six months and three blank visa pages are required.
  • With a few exceptions, visas are required by nationals of all countries. These can be obtained at your point of entry. Payment is in US$ cash. Please ensure that you bring an adequate sum of US$ cash.


  • Passports must be valid for 6 months from date of entry & departure. Visitors must ensure that they have sufficient blank VISA pages in their passports, with at least two consecutive / side-by-side blank pages.
  • Citizens of most European and Commonwealth countries do not require a visa for entry into Namibia.


  • Passports must be valid for 6 months from date of entry & departure. Visitors must ensure that they have sufficient blank VISA pages in their passports, with at least two blank pages.
  • With a few exceptions, visas are required by nationals of all countries. These can be obtained at your point of entry. Payment is in US$ cash. Please ensure that you bring an adequate sum of US$ cash.


South Africa – Unit of Currency is the South African Rand (ZAR):

  • Combination of Rand Cash (maximum R5000 pp) and debit & credit cards.
  • Credit cards are widely accepted throughout South Africa but highly recommend that you do not allow your credit card out of your sight.
  • ATM’s are available in all cities and towns. We recommend that you use ATM’s during banking hours and for added comfort use ATM’s within the branch.
  • If your UK bank still offers Travellers Cheques, we recommend that you take sterling travellers cheques so that these can be paid back into your UK bank account without exposure to the currency exchange market. When cashing your Travellers we recommend that you do so at one of the bigger banks, such as Nedbank.

Zambia – Unit of Currency is the kwacha (k):

Foreign currencies are no longer accepted within Zambia for general cash purchases. You can however still pay for Visas in US Dollars on entry to Zambia but once past Immigration you will need Zambian Kwacha to pay for any cash incidentals.

To keep it simple –

  • Bring new notes – ie “Big head” dollars.
  • It is not possible to purchase Kwacha outside of Zambia so you will need to be prepared to change cash at a Bureau at the airport OR carry a bank card and withdraw cash at the airport ATM  – don’t forget your PIN!
  • You may need to alert your card provider that you’re traveling so that they don’t lock your card upon seeing unexpected transactions from Zambia – most well known cash cards are accepted.
  • Only use banking institutions to exchange any forex into kwachas as counterfeit US$100 and Zambian Kwacha 50,000 notes are in circulation.
  • Credit Cards are accepted for payment at the majority of big hotels, lodges, restaurants and reputable service providers for activities not pre-booked.
  • We recommend that all tours and activities be pre-booked before departing.

Botswana – Unit of currency is the Pula:

  • The US Dollar, Euros and the British Pound are the most easily acceptable and convertible currencies.
  • Full banking services are available only in major towns, although ATM’s are available throughout and are increasing in numbers.
  • Most credit cards are accepted at upmarket hotels, restaurants and cash advances are available at major banks (but not through ATM’s). ATM’s accept foreign visa cards, but are mostly found in larger towns and cities.

Health Insurance

It is of paramount importance that you consult with your local GP before travelling. The following is purely a guideline

South Africa:

  • Visitors to the Eastern Lowveld of Mpumalanga and Limpopo Province, the Kruger National Park area and the game reserves in Northern KwaZulu-Natal must consult with their local GP as to be best course of anti-malaria protection. Avoid wearing perfume or after-shave and wear long sleeves and long trousers at night.
  • Malaria is not present in any other province in South Africa, including Eastern and Western Province.
  • It is safe to drink the tap water throughout South Africa, and health regulations control the hygiene of street food vendors.
  • While South Africa boasts excellent medical facilities, visitors should ensure that they take out insurance to cover the cost of treatment at private hospitals should the need arise.
  • South Africa requires all travellers journeying from yellow fever risk countries to show proof of yellow fever vaccination by means of a valid yellow fever certificate. One such country is Zambia. (if visiting Livingstone)


  • Adequate health care cannot be guaranteed outside of main towns. Even basic drugs and medical supplies are limited and it is therefore advisable to carry some with you.
  • Make sure that you have adequate travel health insurance to cover the cost of any medical treatment and repatriation. (some upmarket hotels & lodges include medical repatriation in your stay, so please ask)
  • Vaccinations for cholera, tetanus and yellow fever are advised. Rabies and Tuberculosis are also common in Zambia. (in outlying areas). You should take particular care if travelling with children, especially if travelling in the rainy season (November – April). You should only drink bottled water and try to avoid ice in drinks. The majority of food hygiene is not a problem when visiting international standard lodges.
  • Malaria is virulent in the low lying areas of the country which include most of the good wildlife destinations and Livingstone. (Victoria Falls) It is highly recommended that you consult with your local GP as to your best protection against malaria before departing.


  • Botswana is one of the healthiest countries in sub-Saharan Africa, with good primary health care facilities available throughout the country. Please be sure to have comprehensive travel and medical insurance to allow for quick attention at the private hospitals. The majority of upmarket lodges include emergency medical evacuation, but this does not cover medical treatment.

The following health precautions are advised:

  • Generally tap water is safe to drink, but bottled water is recommended.
  • Malaria, including cerebral malaria, is common in northern Botswana, in the Okavango and Chobe areas, particularly during and immediately following the rainy season, from November to April. It is therefore essential that you seek medical advice from your local GP before departing.


  • Medical facilities are good in major towns, although medical costs can be high. There may be drug shortages in public hospitals so ensure you bring your own essential supplies.
  • Health insurance is essential; adequate medical provision is often only provided privately. Private hospitals may require health insurance or a cash payment before admission.
  • Travelling to Zimbabwe, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, cholera and rabies vaccines are advisable, although not a requirement.
  • Malaria is prevalent in low lying areas, including Victoria Falls so protection against the disease is essential.
  • As with all medical advice, please consult with your local GP before travelling to any infected area.


  • Namibia is a very healthy country and it is unlikely you will have any health issues while travelling here. It is however always worth taking precautions.
  • The north of Namibia (from Etosha Park northwards) is a malaria area and we recommend that you consult with your local GP before departing. The rest of Namibia poses practically no risk at all.
  • Namibia’s major private hospitals are of a good standard with clean and safe facilities. However, serious medical cases will be evacuated by air to South Africa where further facilities are available. For this reason you must make sure that comprehensive travel insurance is taken out before you travel, this insurance should cover any medical expenses, air evacuation and repatriation. (where not included in your stay)


  • Malaria is prevalent in Mozambique and therefore it is essential that all visitors consult with the local GP before travelling.
  • Medical facilities are limited in Mozambique and all major treatments will be undertaken in South Africa. It is therefore essential to ensure that you have comprehensive travel and medical insurance including emergency evacuation and repatriation.

Climate Info

A subtropical location, bordered by ocean on three sides, South Africa is a warm and sunny destination. Close to the South Pole however, it can get chilly in winter months. While the Western Cape gets most of its rainfall in winter, the rest of the country is mostly a summer-rainfall region.

Best Times to Visit: High Summer is in December and January where you will find the hottest and nicest days for beachgoing, while times closer to May/June and November are popular with hikers due to the slightly cooler days for climbing. July begins winter months, where you can expect some rather strong winds, and plenty of amazing storms to pass through.


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