Gordon and Diane

Thank you for a fantastic holiday!


just back from our trip and I thought I would thank you for a fantastic holiday.

The itinerary was perfect, there's nothing we would have changed.
The accommodation was superb, standards have risen in the Cape since our first trip in I think 2007.

Service and the quality of food and wine was excellent and in terms of value for money best in the world in my book.

We were fortunate with the weather and so the scenery too was fabulous.

Of particular note was:
a) The Elephant house, good to spend the first 2 nights in familiar surroundings.
b) Kichaka, what a lovely lodge with great staff and a superb guide, Jason, we witnessed our first ever full on lion kill from start to finish, what an excitement!
c) Wilderness, how that has changed, and the Views Hotel was beautiful
d) The Fat Fish restaurant in Plett, superb.
e) Rosenhof, great food
f) Mo and Rose, the best steak I think I've ever had and I told the chef I want to marry her.
g) Grand Dedale, Angelo was a great host, I gave him a bit of stick because out of season they don't really have a dining room and on our first night we ate in our conservatory. I asked if we could eat somewhere other than "the greenhouse" on subsequent evenings. Of course he arranged it but I think they need to look at their arrangements for dining out of season at least that's what my feedback said.
h) Paternoster was a great place to finish up, with a lovely room at the Strandloper ,well done.

We think this is probably the best trip we've done

I keep recommending you to people I know but to date only one or two have taken it up I think.

It's Europe with the family next year( could even be Blackpool if the pound continues to crash) but we may be looking for another African adventure in 2018.

Once again thankyou for organising such a fabulous trip, I feel very privileged to have been able to enjoy your beautiful country once again.