Cape Tours Looking Forward

Cape Tours Looking Forward

An open letter from Mike Tompkins – CEO/Owner of Cape Tours Ltd

“It is difficult to imagine that back in March 2020, we were discussing lockdown measures with clients re-assuring them that come June / July 2020, the lockdown will be a distant nightmare and that we will all be enjoying our holidays as booked!

How wrong we were, and the lesson we can all take from COVID-19 is a simple one, do not delay important milestones as they have a knack of tripping you up!

Hope is in scant supply at times; this precious virtue traced a fine line between triumph and ruin. Ever heard of the saying ‘Hindsight is 2020’? I think we can all agree that to see the back of the last fifteen months will give us all a sense of relief.

We do not want to dwell on all the negativity today as that is all we hear and feel – we would rather tell you that we remain excited and optimistic about the time when we can travel once again.

This time has given us pause for thought; space to contemplate our life choices. Now, we have a chance to do things differently. We have a chance to hit ‘reset’.

Where do you feel alive? Where can you breathe, and rest easy? To be at one with your natural state is likely one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself. There are many ways to achieve this. To keep afloat, and attain an elevated state of mind, consider embracing enjoyable activities that provide you with a dose of feel-good hormones, a natural high. Like travelling.

For Cape Tours and our many loyal clients, there is only one place that meets this criterion and that is Southern Africa. We are not alone though, as according to Conde Naste Traveller Southern Africa is one of the best places in the world to travel to in 2021 and 2022.

Cape Tours could not agree more! That said, we may be slightly biased. We are sure that this well-respected, widely read publication is not alone in its sentiments. And, while you ponder these kudos, make some space to do some armchair travelling. After all, in sunny Southern Africa, there is space aplenty. Big sky country calling? Dream about what the wide-open arms of Southern Africa can offer you in terms of life-changing travel experiences in time to come.

There is no doubt that after an extended period of travel restrictions, folk are itching to escape. But the world as we know it has changed. How will that shape and change the future of travel? And how does that impact destinations such as Southern Africa?

Simply put, Southern Africa truly is your first, best choice for post – Covid travel.

Research suggests that the ideal population density for a country to be ecologically stable is 50 – 100 people per The population density of Southern Africa (Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa) in 2021 is 25 per sq. km; ranging from Botswana with 4 per sq. km to South Africa at 47 per These are some of the least populated countries on the planet! The UK by comparison has 274 per

The abundance of sunshine and stimulating fresh-air activities means it is always a good idea to start planning your next Southern Africa adventure.

You deserve to spoil yourselves for a much-needed escape. Book your place in the sun. Come and explore the serene sanctuaries and experience a pleasingly different hospitality style that I like to call way ‘beyond boutique’.

There has never been a better time to plan and book your next visit South Africa; rates on hold, fantastic specials, and the ability to book with confidence!

Stay safe