Mana Pools

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Ingwe Pan Camp dusk, Zimbabwe

Ingwe Pan Camp

Location: Mana Pools

Ingwe Pan is situated at a secluded pan in the wilderness area of Mana Pools National Park, just a few kilometres inland of the Zambezi River and within walking distance of the Chiruwe riverbed. The pan is one of the biggest in the park and is surrounded by a grove of large ebony trees. The pan is an essential waterhole in the park, providing an intermediary drinking spot for the large herds of elephant and buffalo who walk through each day to the floodplain.

The camp is a 30-minute drive from the famed Mana flood plain and Zambezi River and is known for its excellent walking safaris.

Kanga Camp game viewing, Zimbabwe

Kanga Camp

Location: Mana Pools

Kanga Camp is only open in the shoulder and dry seasons from April through to the end of November.

Situated within a private concession in Mana Pools National Park, Kanga Camp is an utterly untouched wilderness paradise. Adjacent to the remote Kanga Pan, the seasonal Kanga safari lodge offers an unspoiled, authentic Mana Pools safari experience. Aside from the Zambezi River many miles away, Kanga Pan is the sole source of water in the dry season, making this an absolute haven for wildlife. This diverse area has multiple vlei lines and mixed woodland types from Mopane woodland to Jesse bush and riverine forests. Kanga Camp works well in collaboration with Zambezi Expeditions where you can enjoy the excitement of canoeing as well as catch and release fishing on the Zambezi River.

Nyamatusi Camp game viewing, Zimbabwe

Nyamatusi Camp

Location: Mana Pools

Nyamatusi Camp is set in one of the wildest and most remote parts of Africa, on the banks of the Zambezi, one of the world’s oldest rivers. Embracing comfort, this property embodies sustainable design. Fully solar-powered and built from all-natural materials it encompasses its wilderness location in the most elegant way. Here, your Mana Pools safari plays out against a sweeping riverine landscape, where epic encounters of the giants that roam this land await.

Children over the age of 12 are welcome at Nyamatusi Camp. Due to the adventurous nature of this Mana Pools safari, walking safaris and canoeing are only possible for children over the age of sixteen years.

Nyamatusi Mohogany Camp, Zimbabwe

Nyamatusi Mahogany Camp

Location: Mana Pools

Nyamatusi Mahogany, is the perfect luxury safari experience for families. Mana Pools, known as one of the last pioneer parks lying in the great African Rift valley, is an explorers’ paradise. Here, guests are able to experience the raw power of nature when canoeing down the Zambezi River or watch a wildlife extravaganza unfold on game drives.

Set within a private concession in Mana Pools National Park, you can expect the utmost flexibility in activities. Experience the majesty of nature when canoeing down the Zambezi River, fishing on the riverbanks (catch and release only) or birding safaris – all possible on your Mana Pools family safari.