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Mequfi Beach Resort Pool, Mozambique

Mequfi Beach Resort

Location: Pemba, Mozambique

Located on a dream beach in the Pemba area, one of the most untouched in the country, the Resort lies at about one hour drive from the international airport of Pemba, which is connected to South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania with 3 to 4 flights a week and daily flights to the capital city of Maputo.

The Resort is the perfect choice to unwind in style after a safari journey in the great African outdoors and discover the untouched beauty of the Mozambican nature. A stay at Mequfi Beach Resort combines maximum privacy and relaxation with the opportunity to experience the emotions of excursions to discover the treasures of the area and of water sports like the adrenaline inducing surfing.

Mequfi Beach in Mozambique is the perfect destination for a unique journey during your honeymoon, ideal for those who are looking for unspoilt nature matched with luxury comfort and romantic atmosphere.