Oude Werf Hotel


Oude Werf Hotel

LOCATION: Stellenbosch

Established in 1802, D’Ouwe Werf is South Africa’s oldest and most historic hotel and has defined hospitality and fine dining for centuries.


Immerse yourself in the rich eclectic history reflected on every corner of Stellenbosch Church Street.

Indulge in exceptional food and the delightful wines of the Cape. Stroll through time as period-inspired architecture fuses with contemporary South African art and culture.

Experience the individual charm and repose of our spacious, light, open-plan rooms. Convenient modern fixtures intertwined with subtle period-inspired styling emulates our dedication to old world hospitality in a new world space.

As the oldest running hotel in South Africa, we have a history that spans back over three centuries, surviving multiple fires and evolving into the luxury hotel that you see before you today, dedicated to green hospitality and giving back to the community.