The largest and most populated island, is the centre of commerce in Seychelles, and is home to the capital of Victoria, the international airport, many large hotels and resorts, a diverse selection of small hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast establishments. Mahé is also home to the highest mountain in Seychelles, and the islands topography offers clients a nice variety of picture perfect beaches, mountain vistas and lush tropical forests. Mahé is also the cultural and historical hub of the country, boasting an array of attractions for visitors.

Mahe, Seychelles

La Digue

A popular destination for tourists due to its unique charm and stunning scenery. This is island lifestyle at its best, and life remains laid back at its core. The favoured mode of transport is the bicycle or ox-cart, but the island is small enough to get by on foot. La Digue is home to the world famous beach, Anse Source d’Argent, a magical landscape of sculptural boulders and pristine beach – possibly the most photographed beach in the world! The island is also home to L’Union Estate. This coconut plantation and mill is a living example of what life was like in Seychelles 200 years ago.

La Digue, Seychelles

Outer Island

Speckled in the Seychelles waters lie the magnificent outer islands. True paradise awaits anyone who ventures beyond the beaten path and discovers these jewels of creation. Only two of these islands feature private luxury resorts, where the ultimate in indulgence awaits visitors to these paradisiac oases. These are Desroches and Alphonse Islands.

For the adventurous traveller, the other uninhabited outer islands atolls – the ultimate in untouched and pristine natural splendour. These include Poivre, the St. Joseph Atoll, the Amirantes Group, African Banks, the Farquhar Group and , of course, the iconic Aldabra Atoll.

Outer Island, Seychelles