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Travel tips and news: Find out when & where to go on your Southern Africa journey.

Everyone could use a cheat sheet when visiting another country, there are different customs, and tipping amounts, there are things which would be considered rude, or would flag you as a tourist. Find out how to keep up in one of the most diverse countries in the world!

South Africa is a cosmopolitan area complete with their own sense of high fashion, particularly in the trendy areas. Cape Town and surrounds are the perfect setting for model-perfect sunsets, and amazing photo opportunities. Cape Tours can bring you to all of the best and most happening spots in all of South Africa, but what to wear? If you want to not stand out as the tourist, and you don’t want to get caught out having packed the wrong clothing for your trip – look no further. We’ll tell you how to dress like the locals.

It’s summer in South Africa, and having summer over the Christmas season means a lot of fun in the sun and plenty to do as people from all over flock to our shores.

We’ve said before in prior posts, just how much is going on in South Africa at any given time, and Cape Tours is King in bringing you right to all of it, but summertime may just be the most happening time in this region of the world, because while the rest of the northern hemisphere is blanketed in snow, we’re celebrating the white sandy beaches and sunshine instead!