Why Book With Us

  • Don’t be fooled by headline prices, always compare like for like
  • Badly structured holidays will only lead to disappointment. The best structured holidays require intimate knowledge of each region
  • South Africa is a vast country and must be enjoyed like a fine wine. Savouring each region demands time, so don’t rush and I guarantee that once bitten you will be back for more!
  • Selection of accommodation, in terms of location, is just as important as the overall structure of your holiday. Bad (or lack of expertise) advice will lead to disappointment and add to stress levels. Not why you are on holiday. Local expertise is required, and we have this covered!
  • The cheapest airline fare is not the sole answer. Taking 24 hours to get to your destination only adds to stress and is often the straw that breaks the camel’s back
  • Having been around since 1995, Cape Tours has a comprehensive database of exceptionally favourable rates for both airfares and accommodation and as such we are more than confident that we will not be bettered on like for like quotes
  • Cape Tours has developed over the years through our returning clients and their recommendations. We are happy to put you in touch